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Toot toot!

Happy birthday ashechan!


Booked places for me and Pete! Huzzah!

One year!

Me and Pete have been married for a whole year! Hooray!


Just posting about my upcoming cosplay plans. I was wondering what else people had in mind for Minami and Auchinawa as I want to cosplay in groups as much as possible this year before I go to Japan.

So far I've made a start on the bottom part of the Minoru's robes and done some work on Edel's crazy stripey leggings. As soon as my university money comes in I'll hit up cosworx for the wigs for Edel and Sue so ideally I would like to know which other wigs I'll need for Auchi and Minami to save on postage. Edel's wig is going to be a challenge but it should also be hilarious. :D

London Expo

Rhyme - The World Ends With You
(Me) Tina Minoru (Pete) Robert Minoru - Runaways


Edel - Princess Tutu
Sue - Grandia


Auron - FFX (to go with my friend Rachel's Braska costume! yay)
Something from Pokemon?
Edit: (me) Aska (Pete) Chang Ang - Rayearth, to cosplay with the fluffily lovely Nia

At some point during this year I simply have to cosplay Komaki from Kujibiki Unbalance, the anime inside an anime that appears in the gloriously beautiful Genshiken which I love beyond all reason. I don't suppose there are any Genshiken fans on my list are there?

Anyone need a tailors dummy?

At the weekend I wasn't really aware of how *much* fabric Aunt Mabel had given to me, because we packed it all into the car without sorting through it. Now having organised it at home I realise I will never ever have to buy interfacing or any kind white fabric ever again.

She also gave me a tailors dummy. I don't need one because I already have a dummy, so would anyone on my flist like it? I'm happy to send it to anyone that would like it for free, you'd just have to pay for the postage which will probably be about £10 if the average cost of shipping tailoring dummy's on ebay is acurate.

It's an old model, and the stand is a little shonky but Pete will fix that before I send it out, or alternatively give it to a charity shop. I'm pretty sure it's adjustable too.

Would anyone like it?

Edit: picturesCollapse )

Apple Extravaganza!

The title refers to an event taking place in Kent during September - it's an Apple Extravaganza! I want to go just to find out what it is. I want it to be some kind of apple circus with apples leaping from trapezes and a bombastic granny smith acting as ringleader, but it probably will just be lots of mundane non-performing fruit.

I had a great weekend in London, bought lots of fabric in Shepherd's Bush before adjourning to the wonderful odangochan's house for lunch and chattting. I had a great time. I hope we weren't too chatty and/or boring. Just for you Annette, here are some camera phone pictures of the kittens I saw at my mums house. They were super adorable.

It was also a weekend of cake baking. I made a 'The World Ends with You' pin cake for Annette and Phil, and two ivy covered cakes for Pete's grandmother and Great Aunt Mabel. Because I must immortalise all my cakes with internet stardom here they are.

When we visited Pete's Great Aunt Mabel she gave me all her fabric and dress making equipment as she can no longer work with fabric as her hands are too frail. It was amazing, her sewing room was like a treasure trove of wonder. She had beautiful satins and silks, different fabrics in all colours and textures and some funky 60s/70s patterned fabrics that are definitely hovering on the boundary line between awful/retro chic. She also gave me stacks of interfacing, zips of every colour of the rainbow, and at least 50 patterns. It was so lovely and incredibly generous of her, it made me very glad I had at least baked her a cake in thanks.

I'm actually looking forward to visiting her again because she is a formidable old lady, in the 50s and 60s she travelled the world visiting South America, Russia, China and Iran and I would love to hear her stories about those countries. It's still pretty unusual for tourists to go to South America and Iran now, let alone in the 50s and 60s. :D

Fishy fishy

100 points to anyone who can guess what these are. :D :D

Cakey cake

I think without a doubt this is the best pokemon cake I have made thus far.

It's Cacnea, my favourite pokemon from the Ruby/Sapphire era. It was delicious!

4 down 3 to go

My life has revolved around constant revision for the last while which is why I haven't updated. But my exams are now half over (4 down 3 to go) and I'm pretty happy with how they've gone so far. Well except for the Japanese listening exam which was a bloodbath, but I found out yesterday I just managed a pass which makes me very happy. The listening exam only accounts for 25% of that Japanese course so I'm sure my overall mark will be brought up by my performance in the oral and written exams I had last week because they went pretty well.

I have 3 more exams left and tons of cosplay to cram into my evenings. I'm thrilled with how Yuna's samurai sword is looking, it's genius. I'm so looking forward to seeing people at the Expo. I must remember to make cookie nom noms for the wonderful odangochan who is lending my friend Rachel her Paine wig.

My only other news is sad, Pete's grandfather passed away. I have been giving Pete extra specially lots of hugs to make him less sad.

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

The egg was first. After several failed attempts in the past I had another attempt at crochet last night and finally managed to make something approximating amigurumi. I made the egg first and then the chickie. The egg was acutally a failed attmept to make a white ball shape, but I like his little face. It was a toss up between making him an egg or attaching little gray fins to his pointy end and making him the ill-fated Zeppelin 'The Hindenburg', I was quite tempted because I could have make little red and yellow flames to go on his body too.

Anyhoo, they're pretty rubbish but for a first attempt at amigurumi but I'm quite happy.


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