flower_sceptre (flower_sceptre) wrote,

4 down 3 to go

My life has revolved around constant revision for the last while which is why I haven't updated. But my exams are now half over (4 down 3 to go) and I'm pretty happy with how they've gone so far. Well except for the Japanese listening exam which was a bloodbath, but I found out yesterday I just managed a pass which makes me very happy. The listening exam only accounts for 25% of that Japanese course so I'm sure my overall mark will be brought up by my performance in the oral and written exams I had last week because they went pretty well.

I have 3 more exams left and tons of cosplay to cram into my evenings. I'm thrilled with how Yuna's samurai sword is looking, it's genius. I'm so looking forward to seeing people at the Expo. I must remember to make cookie nom noms for the wonderful odangochan who is lending my friend Rachel her Paine wig.

My only other news is sad, Pete's grandfather passed away. I have been giving Pete extra specially lots of hugs to make him less sad.
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