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Just posting about my upcoming cosplay plans. I was wondering what else people had in mind for Minami and Auchinawa as I want to cosplay in groups as much as possible this year before I go to Japan.

So far I've made a start on the bottom part of the Minoru's robes and done some work on Edel's crazy stripey leggings. As soon as my university money comes in I'll hit up cosworx for the wigs for Edel and Sue so ideally I would like to know which other wigs I'll need for Auchi and Minami to save on postage. Edel's wig is going to be a challenge but it should also be hilarious. :D

London Expo

Rhyme - The World Ends With You
(Me) Tina Minoru (Pete) Robert Minoru - Runaways


Edel - Princess Tutu
Sue - Grandia


Auron - FFX (to go with my friend Rachel's Braska costume! yay)
Something from Pokemon?
Edit: (me) Aska (Pete) Chang Ang - Rayearth, to cosplay with the fluffily lovely Nia

At some point during this year I simply have to cosplay Komaki from Kujibiki Unbalance, the anime inside an anime that appears in the gloriously beautiful Genshiken which I love beyond all reason. I don't suppose there are any Genshiken fans on my list are there?
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